Changing the Future

Thin wafer technology increases the function density of IC packaging, enabling the development of more portable electronics. To achieve the desired results for your specific project, GDSI continuously researches emerging applications targeting unit cost reduction and maximum product yield. GDSI has perfected the process of mechanical stress reduction in ultra-thin wafers after a decade of R&D.

Featured Services

Silicon Wafer Grinding

Speed to Delivery

Our technology not only provides superior products but also the speed at which we can immediately adjust production to meet your timetable. Flexibility in Quick Turn delivery is one more way our process is superior to others.

Silicon Wafer Dicing

On Time Delivery

Project managers monitor your lots and can provide WIP detail on the status of your order. This allows you to commit delivery times to your customers and test engineers. When we schedule your shipment, it will be there.


Over our long history as a recognized pioneer in dicing, GDSI has processed a variety of materials coming in various shapes and sizes. As a result, we have accumulated valuable process knowledge which can be readily applied to your custom requirement. We can even recommend key process variables for your project including proper blade and tape selections!