Packaging Options

GDSI inventories a variety of waffle pack pocket sizes to enable our customers the quick turn they desire. Since we cannot predict every possibility and we know that die rotation is not acceptable we also offer a Gel-pak option, which is an open platform that can accommodate any die size. Either of these two options will allow up to 8 bins to be picked in one pass to 2 packs.

For those who are processing multi-project wafers or multiple die bins from an electronic map, we offer a frame-to-frame option. This process allows you to extract particular die from a wafer and place them back on a frame, which is typically the preferred method for assembly fabs.


High Complexity

For many reasons customers may need to know the original location of a particular die on a wafer. For this reason GDSI has mastered the process of tracing die. How? Focus! The versatility of our pick and place vision systems allow our customers to specify several pick bins as defined by electrical performance, wafer region or any unusual criterion. Your unique objectives push our capabilities.



All waffle packs and gel-packs are labeled as directed by our customer’s specific needs. GDSI uses clean room compatible materials and thermal printing technology that is required to meet most clean room requirements. If bar coding is what you need, we have it.



Waffle Packing Die Size > 25x25 mil
Gel-packing Die Size > 10x10 mil
Frame-to-Frame – placed on 8-inch OD frame

Wafer Dicing

Production Level Speed

Our automated pick and place equipment allow us to deliver your job at Production Level Speed. Due to the delicate nature of the product (particularly on the active side of the die), skillful tool use reduces die contact to a minimum while ensuring the relative force necessary to remove die from its wafer frame or hoop.

GDSI will inspect, pick and place BGA's, chip scale packages, bare die and more into any sorted package types. Our engineers have years of experience handling small die and component packages.


Automated Wafer Pick and Place San Jose

Allow GDSI to process your wafer to singulated form by utilizing our pick and place and auto inspection services

Equipment List

  • High Precision Laurier DS 4000
  • ESD Safe Collets