Wafer Polishing

As packages begin to shrink and become more flexible, so must the die that go in them. GDSI has developed a polishing process that relieves the stress induced by grinding while maintaining very tight tolerances and low TTV.


Full/Partial Wafer Grinding

A long list of engineering achievement allows customers to recover from process mistakes or wafer breakage. GDSI’s capabilities allow for yield recovery by grinding partial wafers or engineering development and die characterization by thinning at the die level. If the need is for high volume then full diameter 3”-8” wafers can be processed in a cassette-to-cassette fashion.


High Topside Topography

GDSI’s assortment of protective tapes allows us to select the most appropriate tape for your application, whether it is for a bumped wafer or a wafer targeted to be ultra-thin. GDSI does not assume that your application will run at high volume feed speeds with the inherent pressures and will adjust processes as necessary.


Final Packaging

Whether you call it a "jelly jar", a "pizza box" or a "shipping boat" GDSI has a format to ship ultra-thin wafers, ESD sensitive wafers or die. Be sure to discuss your shipping sensitivities with your GDSI representative.


Grinding/Polishing Specifications


For the most stringent customers GDSI can offer wafer-to-wafer tolerances as low as +/- 5 microns while maintaining thickness variation across a wafer of less than 5 microns and surface roughness less than 30 nanometers.


GDSI’s proprietary polishing process can take wafers as large as 200 mm as thin as 100 microns with a TTV of less than 5 microns. We have also extended our repertoire to include grinding and polishing of 200 mm bumped wafers to final thicknesses of 6 mils. In the future, GDSI plans to extend capabilities to polish wafers to 2 mils and reduce TTV to 3 microns.

Wafer Grinding & Polishing

Flawless Accuracy

Flawless accuracy while ensuring high yield rates is our objective. GDSI delivers complete backgrinding solutions to all market segments within the semiconductor industry.

Backgrinding is used to reduce wafers from their original thickness during chip fabrication, to the required thickness suitable to your final packaging of die after dicing. By utilizing fully automated grinders staffed by highly qualified engineers, coupled with our deep knowledge of wafer physics, our grinding process produces unsurpassed quality, including ultra-thin applications.


Wafer Grinding & Polishing

Allow GDSI to take your thinned wafer all the way to singulated die form by utilizing our polishing, dice & plating, pick & place and inspection services.

Equipment List

Grind Operation:

  • Strasbaugh 7AF & 7AA grinders
  • Disco DFG 8540 grinder (brand new)
  • Takatori Auto Tape Applicator

Polish Operation:

  • 3 TSK Polishers