Full/Partial Wafer Dicing

Since 1992 GDSI has been asked to dice a wide array of substrates. As the industry evolves, we can leverage our deep technical knowledge of proper feed rate, blade and tape selection in meeting future requests. GDSI carries an extensive library of semiconductor-grade tape aimed at grinding,polishing and dicing. Ask us for a recommendation!


High Complexity

In order to reduce mask set costs, multi-project wafers are commonplace. GDSI can effectively dice your MPW. We can control the key variables which may impact the outcome of a particular dicing process. Control is paramount whether you require a specific cut depth (Z-axis control), traceability or an elaborate MPW saw plan. Further, GDSI can singulate PCB's.


High Throughput

Each saw has a cassette loading system, auto-alignment as well as an integrated cleaning station. This increases wafer throughput and yields a wafer that does not require an additional cleaning step.


Final Packaging

Wafers that have been diced can be shipped in several configurations. The most popular is to continue the process through pick & place and ship die in waffle packs. Another common alternative is to have the wafer stretched to a hoop or grip ring and placed into a "pizza box" for shipment. If you do not like these options, call us to discuss your particular requirement.


Typical Specifications

Topside chipout < 10 microns
Backside chipout < 25 microns
Final Die Size Tolerance +/- 25 microns

For some applications GDSI has been able to develop processes to meet specifications at less than half the numbers above.

Wafer Dicing

Extremely High Processing Quality

Thin wafer dicing with extremely high processing quality, that is what customers have come to expect from GDSI.

Dicing is the process by which individual silicon chips or integrated circuits on a silicon wafer are separated following the processing of the wafer. By utilizing fully automated K&S 7500 dicing saws, GDSI can develop the optimal dicing process for your specific application.


Wafer Dicing San Jose

Allow GDSI to process your wafer to singulated form by utilizing our pick and place and auto inspection services

Equipment List

  • 3 Disco Dual Spindle Saws
  • 2 Kulicke & Soffa Saws
  • 2 August Auto Inspection Tools
  • 3 Laurier DS 4000 Pick & Place Tools