Full/Partial Wafer Inspection

The versatility of our inspection systems allows us to inspect any repeating die on substrates up to 8" in diameter. The sensitivity of the system can be altered to pick up or ignore virtually anything of interest as small as 2 microns. We have enhanced our tools with both Solder Ball and Bond Pad inspection functions. You may find our content rich reports useful in identification of wafer fabrication process flaws.



Commercial inspection standards is the norm. In reality, GDSI customers furnish us with their custom specification document which we adhere to carefully. We can also handle your critical die in accordance with Military Standard 883 or "Mil 883".


Test Maps

The automated inspection system can directly import electrical test data, which saves us time and you money. By importing this data the tool can identify the die that need inspection and those that do not.


Pick Map/Yield Reports Exporting

As a useful byproduct of the automated inspection process, the final results of the inspection system can be exported as a colorful wafermap. Die yield and reject bins are given unique colors, which can aid in the isolation of fabrication issues.

Wafer Automated Inspection

A Clearer View

Automated inspection up to 400x the human eye for a clearer view. GDSI’s Automated Inspection services provide improved product quality, manufacturing productivity and time to market.

Macro defects can happen during wafer manufacturing, probing, bumping, dicing, or by general handling, and can have a major impact on the quality of a microelectronic device. Our NSX-95s quickly and accurately detect yield-inhibiting defects, providing quality assurance and valuable process information.

Click here if you would like to learn more about GDSI's preferred map importation format for your specific wafers.


Wafer Automated Inspection San Jose

Allow GDSI to take your thinned wafer all the way to singulated die form by utilizing our grinding, polishing, dicing and pick & place services.

Equipment List

  • 2 Automated NSX-95 Inspection
  • Automated Handling Equipment
  • Automated Tape Mounter
  • Automated Cassette-to-Cassette Grinding Tools